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Martial Arts Program near Vernon, Warwick, Monroe, Middletown NY

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About our Martial Arts Program


Our martial arts programs are specifically designed by age groups and experience level. This allows students to progress at their own pace, learn alongside friends who are of similar age and skill level--all the while having fun and building confidence in their skills.

United Martial Arts Centers are feature large open space and ample seating for parents and family members to observe classes. This provides a safe atmosphere for younger children to learn, because parents are in close proximity, but are far enough away so that the children can connect with instructors and other students. Our studios and Olympic-quality mats are professionally cleaned each evening to provide a safe, clean and sanitary space for our students to train and improve.

Once students are on our mats, they will be guided by a professional team of instructors who are trained to provide fun and education in each of our classes. By keeping things both fun and educational, we provide a structure that will ensure that our students will want to continue to come back again and again.

We are proud to offer month-to-month memberships for all of our programs. Our members can confidently choose our program without the worry of a long-term commitment, and it ensures that our team is consistently providing the best product and customer service so that our members will continue to stay with us.

Below is a list of age-appropriate Martial Arts classes that we offer at United Martial Arts Centers:


Dragons | 4-6 Years Old

Our Tigers program starts with fun and positive encouragement as the main focus to introduce a young student to the practice of martial arts. This twelve-month program is designed to help develop a young student’s attention span, basic motor skills, and social skills.


Children | 6-12 Years Old

Our Children’s program is designed to encourage your child’s personal growth and self-assurance. One of the main goals of this class is to improve their mental focus and teach them to understand responsibility, respect, and that success is the result of hard work and consistency.


Families, Teens, & Adults | Adults with Children 6+ Years Old

Families are encouraged to train together in our mixed-ages classes, where families, teens, and adults can learn and get fit alongside each other.

Test drive our program with a 2-week trial that includes a martial arts uniform -- everything that you’ll need to get started!


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